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Mamas Truth really began when my daughter was ten days new. Holding in my arms, sleeping peacefully.
Mamas Truth really began when my daughter was ten days new. Holding in my arms, sleeping peacefully.

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Me.  Where to even start?  I had my first and only child at the age of 35years old . Back then I felt old starting a family with my husband.  I never did have an urge to have a baby but once my daughter came into this world everything changed.  She is our everything.  

I feel like any mama or parent can relate the truth of being a first-time mama.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could allow myself to be vulnerable to share some of my "mama experiences" with others.  In the end, I find unleashing my truth to be calming and after each reveal of my truth, I feel a little lighter.  I am able to breathe.  I am able to exhale. 

I actually started my first blog in 2017 as someting to do.  I realized I enjoyed the connections I was making online and enjoyed just really telling things how they were.  Once I unleashed, it was hard to stop.

I am a wife, a mama to a daughter who is 6 years old, a mama to my four-legged fur baby.  He is the cutest labradoodle.  I consider myself a career mom trying to balance work & home life in my forties.  Everyday I am grateful, yet every day feels like a struggle too. 

I enjoy taking photos of my relationship with my daughter.  I am mama who is one and done.  Documenting every moment is important to me.  I cherish the time I have with my family. 

My intention of this blog is to share some of the first years of being a mama.  It was a hard first few years.  I was in denial.  My marriage sufferred, my career suffered and I pretended that everything was under control.  I was in denial about post partum depression and having anxiety to the point that I felt I would be having a heart attack.

Now a couple of years has passed and there are much more wins than losses. I feel more like a super mom than a failure. 

Thanks for reading my blog.  xoxo "Mama Martin"

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